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J) Rivets 撞釘
KAM FUNG Metal Manufactory Ltd
Specializing in garment metal accessories since 1982
J) Rivets 撞釘
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7/21/2010 11:04:49 AM
Code  货号 : JA045-ZB
Outer  外度尺寸 : A 9.46 x 3.34mm(O x H) 
B 9.5 x 6.5mm(O x H)

Remark:(L)=Length長度 (W)=Width闊度 (H)=Height高度 (T)=Thickness厚度 (D)=Depth深度 (O)=Outer外度 (I)=Inner內度
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Alloy top 合金面
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